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For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (NIV) - John 3:16

Youth and Family Ministry

Here at Saginaw Church of Christ we strive to aid our families and their youth to become not only believers but disciples of Christ. We try to achieve this by showing them God's love through our life and actions as a church family which in turn will help them fall in love with God and those He loves. We hope that by doing this we will, by the power of God, multiply disciples for His church that will remain faithful their entire lives. Our youth minister Riley Watkins works closely with parents and teens alike. He believes that the combination of family, ministers, teachers and mentors is the key to creating a strong disciple of Jesus Christ whose faith will be passed down generation after generation.

Here is a snap shot of what we get to do throughout the year:

Four different weekend retreats  include: An all girls, Ret's Retreat held at Camp Hensel near Marble Falls, TX , created and ran by our minister's wife, Loretta Orr; The Leadership Retreat, held at Lake Cisco Christian Camp near Cisco, TX, led by our minister, Michael, & his wife, Loretta Orr; an all Saginaw youth and friends retreat held at Lake Cisco Christian Camp, ran by our youth minister Riley Watkins; and finally a Young Adult Retreat held at Camp Hensel, also ran by our youth minister, Riley Watkins.

 Ret's Retreat  -The girls retreat, known as "Ret's Retreat", has been going on for over 15 years now and is wildly successful. It is open to a very wide age range of 3rd-12th grade young ladies and has now been updated to include a women's retreat and a 2nd retreat in Oklahoma. Ret's Retreat's are held in the months of March and April. If you would like to keep up with news on Ret's Retreat look them up on facebook at Ret's Retreat or online at for more information or to sign up.

 The Leadership Retreat -  The Leadership Retreat is an offshoot of The Leadership Camp which began in the summer of 2000 and is usually held in March. It is for 6th-12th grade and is currently being held at Lake Cisco Christian Camp near Cisco, TX.

 All Youth F all Retreat -  This retreat is for all of our 6th-12th graders . It is a private retreat exclusively for the youth at Saginaw Church of Christ and the friends they invite. It is held at Lake Cisco Christian Camp near Cisco, TX and takes place in October each year.

The Young Adult Retreat - This is a retreat for those who have graduated high school to age 35 and is held annually in December at Camp Hensel near Marble Falls, TX. More information can be found at their facebook page at this link

Summer Church Camps Our kids are offered two different camps during the summer. The Leadership Camp and White River Youth Camp.

The Leadership Camp was started in the Summer of 2000. Michael and Loretta started this camp with a Leadership Class within a separate camp that was for younger kids. They saw the need for there to be a camp for older teens graduating from the young kids camp and ever since then, the Leadership Camp has blossomed from only 8 kids to over 80 kids. The camp is for 6th-12th grade and focuses on learning and applying the leadership of Jesus in our lives. Our youth minister Riley Watkins has attended this camp since its inception and claims that it is one of the biggest influences in his life which helped him make the decision to be a youth minsiter. Along with our youth minister there have been many other leaders in the church who have come out of The Leadership Camp. These include two missionaries and four preachers who are all working in God's church right now. There are several others who, because of God's powerful work at the Leadership Camp, are currently working on their biblical studies at several different institutions. Multiple congregations from all over Texas attend The Leadership Camp. More information about The Leadership Camp can be seen on their facebook page at this link

White River Youth Camp is held near Lubbock, TX. It is for 4th-12th grade. More information on White River Youth Camp can be found at their website at

Mission TripFor 10 years now we have been going on our annual summer mission trip to Penasco Valley in New Mexico. We put on a 1 week VBS at a small congregation in the valley each year, but bring in usually 75-100 children from neighboring areas. We have built a strong relationship with this area and the kids always know when we are coming back. Our teenagers are very involved in this trip and do most of the work once there. We do fundraising throughout the year to fully support our trip there. It is a great ministry and we would love for you to ask us about it!

Other stuff we do  Spread throughout the year we have multiple youth devotionals at parents homes, service projects for our community, and we try to just hang out as much as possible whether it is over a good pizza or just simply spending time together. Throughout the year we also have representatives from different christian colleges visit, usually on Wednesday nights, to present their colleges to our families and youth during class and build relationships with them.

Fun stuff!!! Throughout the year we do multiple events with our youth, their family and friends that creates fellowship and fun. Such things include but are not limited to: Paintball, trips to visit christian colleges, bowling, Rangers' games, swimming parties, laser tag, ice skating, hurricane harbor, six flags, movie nights, super bowl party, scavenger hunts, kayak trips, trampoline parks, mystery trips and much much more.

Classes each Sunday morning we have bible learning beginning at 9:30. We have two separate classes for our youth on Sunday mornings. One for high school and one for middle school. In these classes we walk through scripture and look very closely at what God is trying to teach us from His word. On Wednesday nights we have a combined class where we tackle topical issues that pertain to teenagers and their life. One Wednesday night a month we have one of our young men of the youth group teach class.

 If you wish to follow our current events you can follow us here:

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